• Bedrooms
    No matter how messy or how clean, ECS will have the bedroom(s) empty and fresh.
  • Laundry Rooms
    Washing machines and dryers sold, obsolete items disposed of, cleaned and ready to sell.
  • Bathrooms
    Run down, mouldy, tired. ECS have no problems reviving and brightening bathrooms back up to standard.
  • Carpet
    Built up cobwebs and stains, no problem. If the carpet is worth saving, we'll do our best to save it.
  • Kitchens
    Sinks, ovens, fridges, inside and outside of cupboards, door handles, bench tops, whatever you require, ECS will do. We can do as much or as little, as you require.
  • Study / Man Caves
    Regardless if it's stamp collections, model railways, or radio gear, we'll get it sorted so you don't have to.
  • Master Bedrooms
    Regardless if it's a spare room, or main bedroom, they all have to be fully emptied and cleaned.
  • Garages
    Tools, scrap metal, machinery, nuts and bolts, spiderwebs, dust and all, ECS will handle it.
  • Toilets
    ECS realise that every part of the house must be cleaned, it makes little different to us if it's a bedroom or toilet, it all has to be done and done right.
  • Light Switches
    Often overlooked, light switches and power sockets can make a massive difference when it comes to listing your property on the market. It's those small details that count.
  • Detailing
    It's in the fine details that make the entire Estate POP. We charge no less or more for our high standards. When you use ECS, it's what you get.
  • Lawns & Weed Eating
    Weed eating, lawns, leaf blowing, pruning bushes, we do it all. Whatever you want, just ask.
  • Water Blasting
    Water blasting exterior weatherboards, footpaths, driveways, steps, old moss, windows, if you require it, we can take care of it.
  • Pools
    ECS can clean out pools and surrounding areas.
  • Stress Free
    ECS provide everything. We make it a 100% stress free transformation for our clients.
  • Special Requests
    No matter how big or small, we will cater to your requirements. From cleaning out fridges or ovens to trimming hedges, water blasting cladding and selling vehicles. Leave it to ECS.