Do you inspect the Estate prior to quoting?

Yes. Once you have contacted Estate Clearance Specialists, we will meet and do a walk around of the house and property with you while you discuss what you want to achieve. We can go over any specific requests you may have or advise how we would approach certain tasks to better assist you during this time. From there, we will be in touch within 24 hours with a free no obligation quote.

How do you quote an Estate?

When ECS do a quote, the quote all depends on the layout and size of the Estates interior and property, how clean it is and the requested services. It is a hard industry to really break down the pricing but we have done many Estates and work for clients including government departments, lawyers and real estate agents and base our quotes on comparable homes and previous experiences. 

Our prices are extremely competitive, our work unrivaled and convenient. We do it all. Prices would add up rather quickly if you were to source a independent moving company, a company to come and sell all your products and find the best pricing for specialised items like jewellery, art etc and on top of that you would need to book professional cleaners for the entire interior of the house and then yard workers to take care of the property. Save time, possibly money and more importantly, the hassle and let us take care of it all. 

What services do you provide?

You can find detailed descriptions of our services in the appropriate site sections but our specialties are: 

  • Deceased Estate Clearances
  • Real Estate Ready
  • Foreclosure Clearances
  • Decluttering / Organising
  • End of Tenancy Cleans

How long does a standard Estate take to clear out (empty) and clean?

As all estates vary tremendously, a "standard clearance" depends on the layout and size of the house as well as the requested or advised services. Varying factors are the house and property size, the cleaning involved, garden and lawn work required, what belongings and what furniture we need to sell, donate or dispose of. We are extremely efficient and do our work in a thorough and timely manner without sacrificing quality. 

As a ball park, an average condition 3 bedroom home needing a moderate amount of TLC will take ECS 3-6 days. For larger homes; 4-5 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, large section etc, a good ball park would be 6-10 days. In this time frame, we take a run down fully furnished house and tired garden and give it a complete make over. Fresh and ready for the next stage of it's life, whether it be for family, for the real estate market or a new tenant. 

What do you do with the furniture, belongings and chattels?

Before we clean the house, we have to remove all the furniture and belongings. This is the first step in the clearance process. We carefully go through the remaining chattels and determine what can be sold, donated to charity or taken to the tip. We have a knack for spotting personal possessions that may be of sentimental value and if we find something we believe you or your family would cherish, you will be contacted immediately to discuss the options of said item(s).

We take great care and pride in sorting through a deceased belongings. From sorting through old clothes and furniture to kitchen cutlery, books and vehicles, we do it all. Our small tight knit team have years of experience and expertise in the resale value of old antiques, secondhand goods and general household items to achieve the best price for you and your family. We know the right people to see for any specific item. 

Although all the main furniture like beds, cupboards, drawers, fridges, desks, couches, etc are disposed of within the 3-10 day period, the items we are left with are the more specialised pieces, like art, jewellery, memorabilia, antiques, etc. These more specialised items are removed from the Estate within the same 3-10 day period as the furniture and put in safe storage while we focus on clearing out and cleaning the Estate. Once that procedure is completed, we then refocus on the selling these items. This process can take 1-4 weeks to complete. After 1-4 weeks we will deposit all profits into your nominated bank account along with a full list of sale details. 

Estate Clearance Specialists take a 20% commission / finders fee for our efforts in locating the best prices. Please note that the industry standard is 25% - 30%. We have found by taking a little extra time, we net a much better profit for our clients. The 20% covers our dedication and time in achieving you the best price possible. Full details of sales will be provided

Can I/we trust your staff?

Absolutely!! Handing over the key to your families beloved home is something we take very seriously. We are a small and efficient team and all of our members have completed stringent background checks as well as exceeding all health and safety requirements. Not only that, we are all long time friends so we know each other not only on a professional level, but a personal one, which is the greatest character reference you can get. Your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank deposit or cash. The majority of our clients pay via online banking as this is convenient and in general, the easiest option for both parties; less hassle, simple, clean and fast! We also accept cash. 

What if I am not completely satisfied with your clean?

This will never happen. If there is something you feel we could have been done better, then Estate Clearance Specialists will put it right. 100% guaranteed. We are here to help and welcome our clients to speak up and to discuss any concerns they may have to harmonise the experience. Don't be shy!

Do I/we have to be home when Estate Clearance Specialists are there?

No. We actually prefer to have an empty house and property. Based on our experience, having a client around the house can slow us down. Having an empty home allows us to do the work required efficiently and in a more timely manner. Having said this, we understand that all circumstances vary and that some clients may still be going through possessions and tying up loose ends. We at Estate Clearance Specialists fully respect, appreciate and understand this. We will always accommodate and put your needs first.

Do I have to be in New Zealand to use Estate Clearance Specialists?

No. Not at all. We are more than happy to work with you when you are overseas as long as the estate requiring clearance is within the greater Wellington region. In stressful times, we understand there are a lot of loose ends to sort out and much more important issues to address especially when overseas. To help ease the burden, we take care of it all. Simply email or call to discuss your needs.